Welcome to The Unimagined Life

SaRatta Reeves Murphy on Heart Mural Wall in Dallas, Texas
Living a life I never dreamed, loving a man I never imagined could exist.

Hey gorgeous,

I am so glad you found your way to my blog. I’m SaRatta, wife, dog mom, and spiritual girl boss who loves adventure, coffee dreams and big schemes. I created this blog for the woman whose dreams scare her, whose ideas are out of the ordinary, and whose lifestyle is anything but ordinary. The goal is that women from all walks of life, find something in the words I type, that lights the fire in their soul and ignites the desire to chase their dreams.

I believe the only courage one needs is the courage to follow their dreams.

There’s so much I will share with you on this blogging journey but for starters, here are 3 quick facts about me.

I hunt murals, LITERALLY, lol! If I am visiting a city, I want to know all about it’s street art or murals.

I break up with coffee often. Seriously. I drink coffee for several weeks and then I go through a detox. Funny truth is, I don’t like the taste of regular coffee, I need creamers and syrups to sweeten it up. But the impact of coffee makes me feel I can conquer the world. 

I pray and practice meditation. For me, daily prayers allow me to talk to God and mediation to quieten my chaotic mind and also allows me to listen to God. 

Here’s to hoping you come back for more and get to continue to explore the unimagined life.